May 2023 MenuĀ 

*W.g.-(Whole grain)

*Milk-Almond, Soy, Fairlife(lactose free)

Week 11 Cornflakes, diced pears, milk Vegetarian chili w/beans, hush puppies, mango, milk Goldfish crackers*, oranges2 Biscuits* w/jelly, pineapple tidbits, milk Chicken salad, slider buns, Gala apple wedges (oranges), lentil soup, milk Animal crackers, sliced peaches3 French toast/crispy rice, applesauce, milk Spaghetti* w/meat sauce & tomatoes, green beans, French bread*, milk Graham crackers w/ sunflower seed butter, bananas4 Orange muffin squares* diced peaches, milk New Orleans red beans, brown rice*, corn, fruit cup w/ NC strawberries & cantaloupe, milk Yogurt with homemade granola*5 Kix*, bananas, milk Old Bay baked cod, dinner roll*, turnip greens, mandarin oranges, milk String cheese, apples (pears)
Week 28 Toasted oats*, pineapple tidbits, milk String cheese, black-eyed peas, biscuits*, corn, diced peaches, milk Animal crackers, pears9 Mini bagels* w/cream cheese, applesauce, milk Baked beans w/beef, French bread*, roasted potato nuggets, orange wedges, milk Applesauce muffin squares*, diced pears10 Pancakes*/cornflakes, mandarin oranges, milk Cheese quiche, fruit cup w/NC strawberries & melon, pickled beets, milk Bananas, homemade chex mix11 Oatmeal muffin squares*, pears, milk Macaroni* & tuna salad, roasted baby carrots, applesauce, milk Cheese and crackers12 Life cereal, bananas, milk Chicken Tortilla soup*, mango, milk Granola muffin squares*, diced pears
Week 315 Corn Chex*, diced peaches, milk Turkey Sandwich on WW bread*, peas, 3 bean salad, milk Graham crackers, sunbutter, oranges16 Biscuits* w/honey, pineapple tidbits , milk Sweet & sour meatballs, dinner rolls, green beans, applesauce, milk Goldfish crackers*, bananas17 Kix, pears , milk Beef & cheese soft tacos*, lettuce/tomato (green beans),sliced pears, milk Blueberry-banana muffin squares, mandarin oranges18 Waffles*/crisp rice*, bananas, milk Macaroni* & cheese, roasted potato nuggets, diced peaches, milk Cheez-its, melon wedges19 Mini Bagels*, w/ jelly, apples (oranges), milk BBQ chicken sandwiches*, corn, applesauce, milk Ranch cheese dip, wheat thins* (pita wedges*)
Week 422 Bran flakes*, pineapple tidbits, milk Beef-a-roni* w/tomatoes, French bread*, broccoli, milk String cheese, apples (pears)23 English muffins* w/jelly, applesauce, milk Breaded fish filet sandwich*,[ketchup], potato salad, sliced pears, milk Animal crackers, oranges24 French toast/rice chex, apricot halves, milk Chicken & cheese quesadillas*, Mexican Corn Salad, tropical fruit w/papaya & pineapple, milk Zucchini bread*, bananas25 Vanilla yogurt, granola*,NC strawberries, milk Chicken & noodles*, mandarin oranges, peas, milk Black bean salsa, tortilla chips* (crackers)26 Lemon poppy muffin squares*, diced peaches, milk Cheese pizza, 3 bean salad, mixed greens salad w/arugula [honey French] (cabbage) , milk, milk Graham crackers, sunbutter, melon wedges
Week 529 Closed for Memorial Day30 Corn Chex*, pineapple tidbits, milk Tuna salad, slider buns*, applesauce, green beans, milk Cheese its, apples (pears)31 Mini Bagels*, /w cream cheese, diced pears, milk Baked Penne w/ cheese & tomatoes, bananas, milk Homemade salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips (saltines)