May 2022 MenuĀ 

B: Breakfast , L: Lunch , S : Supper

*W.g.-(Whole grain)

*Milk-Almond, Soy, Fairlife(lactose free)

Week 12.B. Waffles,pears,milk
L.Turkey,mixed fruit,green beans milk
S. Pizza bites and pears
3. Cheesy grits and bananas, milk
L. grilled chicken w/pineapple salsa, w.g. Bread, vege Medley and corn
S. Trail mix and pineapples
4.B. Bagels w/strawberry cream cheese, milk
L.Cheeseburger, pasta salad, peaches, wg bun,milk
S. Raisins and Saltine Cracker
5.B.Muffins, oranges, milk
L. Beef tacos, cilantro lime rice, tropical fruit, wg wrap, lettuce,tomato and cheese with milk
S. Pretzels and Craisins


6.B. Waffles and peaches
L.BBQ chicken,broccoli,oranges,wg bread,milk
S.Graham Crackers and pineapples
Week 29.B.Special K, Freeze dried strawberries, milk
L. Popcorn chicken,fries, apples, wg bread, milk
S. Cheese sticks and oranges
10.B. Cheese grits and canadian bacon, milk
L. Pepperoni pizza, tossed salad applesauce, wg breadsticks, milk
S. Tortilla chips and salsa with apple juice
11.B. Omelet w/cheese,toast, milk.
L.Baked chicken, w/ rice, sweet peas,strawberries wg bread, milk
S. Sun butter and crackers
12.B. Biscuits with cinnamon apples,milk
L. Turkey and cheese w.g wrap, baked beans, fruit cocktail, milk
S.Apple chips and pears
13.B. French toast sticks,pineapples, milk
L. Tuna sub, veggie sticks, tropical fruit,wg bread,milk
S. Chocolate chip muffins and milk


Week 316.B. Bagels w/jam, bananas,milk
L.Baked spaghetti, corn, wg bread,strawberries, milk
S.Animal crackers with grape juice
17.B. Canadian bacon and toast
L.Taco (hamburger meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese w.g. shell), mangos,beans, milk
S. pizza bites and pears
L. Chicken nuggets, french fries, kiwi,wg roll,milk
S. Cucumber and carrot sticks w/ranch
19.B. Cornflakes,pears,milk
L. Garlic butter chicken, w/ wheat penne noodles, veggie medley and blueberries,wg bread, milk
S.Raspberries and vanilla wafers
20.B. Croissants,tropical fruit, milk
L.Turkey/cheese, tater tots, tropical fruit,w.g. Bread, milk
S.Cheese cubes and crackers
Week 423.B. Oatmeal,apple slices,milk
L. Fish sticks,mashed potatoes, raspberries,green beans, wg bread, milk.
S. Yogurt and strawberries
24.B. Cornflakes,bananas, milk
L. Burrito (hamburger meat, refried beans, cheese,and rice) and applesauce, wg wrap, milk
S.Cheez-its and grape juice
25.B.Toast with Jelly and pears, milk
L.Teriyaki chicken, brown rice, broccoli,pineapples,wg bread, milk
S.Sun dried mixed fruit and crackers
26.B.Tater tots,bacon, milk
L. Creamy chicken alfredo w/broccoli, sliced apples, w.g dinner roll, milk
S.Pretzels, cheese dip, and white grape juice
27.B. Sausage biscuits,strawberries, milk
L. Cheeseburger, tater tots, tropical fruit, with milk.
S. Veggie straws and pineapples
Week 530. Closed for Memorial Day31.B. Cheerios,pineapples, milk L.Bbq meatballs, mashed potatoes, and french style green beans, wg bread, milk S. Soft pretzels and raisins