Center of Excellence is a family owned business. 

Center of Excellence is your family’s partner in your child’s development. That is why we are consonantly striving to give all children every opportunity to be the best that he or she can be. Our dedicated staff nurture and embrace each child as he or she transitions from infancy to kindergarten. You want the best for your child and so do WE!

What We Offer

Planting seeds in the hearts and homes of preschoolers is the best way to strengthening children, families, and communities.

Before & Afterschool Care

Holiday Care

Parent Date Night



N. Rucker
The Center of Excellence Childcare and Academy is more than just a daycare, it's a place where your children will grow, learn, and develop life skills and where the staff is fully engaged in nurturing your child, and ensuring a safe, loving, environment.

The owners of the Center of Excellence are engaged, involved, and have the experience to ensure your child is ready for elementary school and beyond.

I recommend the Center of Excellence to any parent who desire a life changing experience. Not your average childcare center from the moment you walk in and are greeted by the staff, to the bright colorful rooms. This center will exceed your greatest expectation.
Nicole Bryant
My daughter was apprehensive at first but with the knowledgeable, caring, and very welcoming staff she quickly made the transition and acclimated to her new school. While there she learned, at her own pace, way more than her dad and I would have imagined. We had attended other schools and we could definitely feel the difference. We appreciate the the "homey" feel of the environment and will send all of our children.

I am thankful that caring schools still exist.